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agricultural pumps

agricultural pumps

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  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  Huiquan Pump
  • Model Number:  05

Rural pumps widely used (pumps), 10-inch pouring diesel pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps, submersible pumps, Francis pumps, etc., in the presence of burn-use, energy consumption, the problem of higher repair costs, increased economic burden on the user. Thus, Anhui pouring diesel pumps, special reminder to farmers friends.

Matching power with power rated power pumps to match. How much does a water pump kW auxiliary power on the pump nameplate are clearly defined. If not complete, the power too much power, it will cause a "big horse car", wasting power, increased costs; on the contrary, there will be "small horse cart", inadequate water flow or work overload, mechanical damage can not be normal operation.

When the new machine starts pumping, first wipe the protection of oil pump shaft and on the other parts. Carefully check whether the normal rotation of the impeller, shaft rotation is flexible, bearing clearance is appropriate, look gasket joints between the pump is broken, each component connection is solid, leaks leaks. If problems should be promptly repaired.

Pumps and power machinery to be installed securely. Power machine and pump shaft parallel to the axis do; when installing the belt, the belt should be noted on the loose side, increasing the transmission efficiency.

Motor driven pump the water is prohibited on the same line at the same time 2 pumps start a job, and burn out the motor in case the line current is too large.

To promptly check the pump inlet valve is blocked underwater weeds. Note the water flow is normal, once problems are detected, immediately ruled out, ensure proper functioning.

Stop the pump, the pressure valve must be closed, and then shut down and remove the belt. As a long time without stopping, it is necessary to clean the machine, 8-inch diesel pump to irrigate, the water within the pump discharge clean.

  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  Huiquan Pump
  • Model Number:  05
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