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DG multistage centrifugal pump

DG multistage centrifugal pump

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  Huiquan Pump
  • Model Number:  02

product description:

DG horizontal single-suction multistage centrifugal pump for conveying water or physical and chemical properties similar to liquid water, suitable for medium and low pressure boiler or high-pressure boiler feed water, but also for high-voltage factory or city water supply and drainage. Get medium temperature of -20 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, inlet pressure of less than 0.6MPa.

This series of pumps with the national recommended hydraulic model of energy-efficient products. With high efficiency, wide range of performance, safety and smooth operation, low noise, long life, easy installation and maintenance.

Second, the model significance:

DG25-50 × 3

DG multi-stage boiler feed pump

25- Flow (m3 / h)

50- single-stage pump head (m)

3- pump series

40DGⅠ40 × 3

40- pump inlet diameter (mm)

DG- multi-stage boiler feed pump

40- single-stage pump head (m)

3- pump series

Third, the structural characteristics:

DG pump inlet and outlet are vertically upward, by tightening bolts to pump water segment, the middle, the water segment, bearing body pump housing portion coupled into one. Select the pump series based on the pump head.

The pump consists of a rotor portion and mounted on the impeller, shaft sleeve, balance disc and other parts along an axis, wherein the number of pump impeller according to the number of stages may be. Axis parts with flat keys and shaft nuts so that the shaft together as one. The ends of the whole rotor bearing or sliding bearing. Bearing according to different models may be, are not subjected to axial force, the axial force is balanced by the balance disc. Pump allows the rotor in the operation of the pump housing axial swimming, can not be used radial bearings. Rolling bearings with grease lubricated plain bearings with oil lubrication and oil ring self-lubricating, circulating water cooling.

Pump water segment, the middle sealing surface, between the water segment are used molybdenum disulfide grease sealed with sealing ring between the rotor portion and the fixed portion, the guide vane sets and other seal when the seal ring and the guide vane sets It should be replaced when worn extent has affected the performance of the pump.

Seal in the form of a mechanical shaft seal packing seal two kinds. When pump packing, packing rings placed position to correct the tightness of the packing must be appropriate to the liquid can drop by drop oozing appropriate. Pumps of various sealing elements in a sealed box, the box through a certain pressure of water from the water seal, water-cooled or water lubrication. Equipped with replaceable bushings in the shaft seal to protect the shaft.

High-pressure pump is generally sliding bearings, oil lubrication structure, DG85-67, DG155-67 pump may be sliding bearings, oil lubrication, rolling bearings can also be used, dry oil lubrication structure, other models are used bearings, grease lubrication structure. The low pressure pump main parts materials are generally of high quality cast iron, high-pressure pump main parts are made of steel or stainless steel. The pump through flexible coupling directly driven by a prime mover, from the direction of the prime mover, the pump is clockwise.

  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  Huiquan Pump
  • Model Number:  02
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